Dear New York City

Well, I mean Brooklyn for today

I’m in a foggy/hazy headache resulting from one of the most awesome nights I’ve had in a while. 

I got to see the NY premiere of Mike Birbiglia’s Sleep Walk With Me that has turned into a feature film. Not only was the movie AMAZING, and insanely funny ( it comes out on actual theaters august 24th!), but I got to see some really talented and funny comedians/actors that I have been in awe of for such a long time. 

I’d see someone I recognized pretty frequently, telling my sister ” WAIT, is that who I think it is?!” and then seeing their face and realizing I just saw someone famous. The whole event was pretty laid back and I got to share the experience of watching the film with the people in it. It was kind of bizarre knowing that the people you just saw on screen were sitting a few feet away from you, or enjoying their complimentary beer right behind you. 

I gotta get better at meeting famous people I truly admire, and also to remember the names of all these lesser, but still rather famous comedians. 

I really could just spend half this post name-dropping, but I really shouldnt. I got my little meet and greet and picture with Ira Glass, and I can now die happy! 

(ill post a picture right after I click Post) 

GAH, the excitement has been slowly withering away to be filled with my deeper thoughts of the night. How things like this happen. How I really want to be in some of these people’s shoes when I get older. To be cool enough, but not too cool where I forget how amazing situations like these are. I will find my fine line of sheer excitement and appreciation. 

No one will quite know or understand the things I’ve thought throughout the night, and it’s quite a shame that I can’t seem to put it all into words.  There’s always something brewing up there, remember that.